Retirement Plan Management Services

Services to ERISA – governed retirement plans are provided by a level-fee investment fiduciary, in the client’s best interest, and benchmarked within a “reasonable range”.  A reasonable range simply means that the total cost and expenses of managing a retirement plan is “reasonable” relative to the services provided by all covered service providers.

NWM manages profit sharing 401(k) plans using a verifiable fiduciary process and works with other professional teams in keeping plans running smoothly. By taking on specified fiduciary obligations and handling the complexities of plan management, business owners find more time to focus on what they do best – running a business.
Clearly, one of the most important aspects of plan management is providing participant education, advice, and enrollment sessions. Everyone has different time horizons, goals and dreams, and staying engaged in a payroll deduction company sponsored retirement savings plan over the long-haul, by any measure, is challenging. Things happen. Over a working career, a cycling of uncertainties can occur. Recessions, career changes, impulse purchases, and personal financial interruptions all have a way of disrupting and potentially derailing goals. Group and one-on-one education, advice, and enrollment sessions are tailored to provide plan participants insights into continually working toward their definition of retirement readiness.

Plan Level Services include but are not limited to:

• Platforms with Institutional and no-load mutual funds
• Mutual fund selection, monitoring, and mapping
• Participant education, advice, and enrollment sessions
• Plan committee meetings
• Investment Policy Statement preparation, monitoring, and updating
• Plan review consulting services

We believe the degree of success that employees have in staying on course for retirement readiness is directly related to the quality of services and advice provided.

Questions you may have:

• Is our company retirement plan “reasonable”
• How does the June 9, 2017 New Fiduciary Rule affect covered service providers to our retirement plan
• Are our employees on a track for retirement readiness