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Discovering our own personal definition of retirement readiness is something we all work though sooner or later in life’s journey. The question that often comes up is -  what is it that people seek most during retirement? It’s a straight forward question yet comes with a complex answer. People tend to just want the freedom and financial independence to do whatever they want to do after a lifetime of work and responsibilities.

This new and exciting journey is often about balancing a lifestyle of family, health, values, financial, leisure, and work. It’s a time when the financial resources accumulated over a working career can be the differentiator in balancing retirement lifestyle choices. It’s also a time when most people just don’t want the stress of wondering how long their money will last and what it can buy. It’s a time to have fun.

The American Retirement Dream for many of us in this complex, changing world of financial, economic, and political uncertainties, is still very resilient and just needs to be reenergized. Rethinking what financial independence means to you, redefining what your personal lifestyle could be, and then visualizing the freedom to do what you’ve always wanted to do, are all at the very core of dreams in motion.  - Alan L. Norris, CFP®, AIF®

There is nothing like a dream to create the future.  – Victor Hugo

“The truth is, people don’t want to be any age at all. They just want to have the freedom to do all the things they want to do with their lives”. – Ken Dychtwald, Ph.D., Founder and CEO of Age Wave, Life Course Navigation 

“Being a well-educated, high-income earner does not automatically translate into wealth. It takes real planning and sacrifice”. -  Thomas J. Stanley, author of The Millionaire Mind

Norris Wealth Management, LLC specializes in Profit Sharing 401(k) plans for small to medium sized companies. For individuals and families, NWM offers financial planning services. Professional services are dedicated to helping American Workers engage retirement preparedness.

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